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Crawler type air-assisted sprayer
List: Time:2017-11-19


Main Characteristic:
Compact structure, good stability;
Crawler type, small turning radius ;
Moving type:
Remote control self-propelled, manual control self-propelled, ride type manual control self-propelled;
Mode of operation:
Semi-circular more nozzle spraying, Portal frame hanger rod spraying and hand type spray gun spraying;
Range of application:
Widely use in orchard, vineyard, the protection forest and landscape tree lawn to pest control and prevention. Equipped with spray rod , can use for pest control and prevention in shallot , ginger and other commercial crop, also can use for spraying the herbicide in wheat field.
Main Technical Specifications

Item Unit Data
Model No.   3WF-500L
Dimensions( L*W*H) mm 2350*990*1200
Power Equipped Model No.   JT1000
Power kw 7.35
Liquid Pump Type   Plunger
Model No.   LL-50A
Rotate Speed RPM 800-1200
Power kw 2.2-3.68
Container Capacity L 500